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Milena Stojkovic



FLP Distributor ID: 200001182892


Aloe Vera - Forever Living Products

Real Aloe Vera and How to Find It

Aloemirace's philosophy is that the four pillars of a healthy life are: healthy body, healthy mind, healthy family and healthy finances. The foundation for this can be found in the stabile and successful FLP company, which in addition to its superb products also offers an excellent business opportunity to everyone.

Real Aloe Vera in a bottle contains only pure, properly stabilized, Aloe Vera gel in its natural form and composition, with the same quality and effectiveness as the natural Aloe Vera gel.

For the last 26 years, Forever Living Products (FLP) has been providing supreme quality Aloe Vera products. The quality of FLP products is ensured by: Appropriate natural procedure for stabilizing the gel, the latest processing technology and rigorous control of each phase - from growing the plants on their own plantations to stabilizing, processing, transport and distribution to the end user. For this reason the FLP products cannot be purchased in a health store.

FLP grows Aloe Vera plants on its own plantations and uses mechanical processing technology to remove the skin which contains unwanted substances. Only the inner gel part of the plants, which contains the desired nutrients and active ingredients, is used. The processing plants are located close to the plantations. The stabilization of the gel is done using a cold process and natural extracts, developed in most part by Bill Coats. The foundation of FLP products is pure, natural Aloe Vera gel. The quality of FLP products is controlled in all phases of production, processing and distribution, from growing the plants to the consumer. All FLP products proudly carry IASC (International Aloe Science Council) seal of approval.

FLP stabilized Aloe Vera gel retains all natural nutrients and medically active substances, as well as, the consistency, taste, aroma and color of the fresh gel.


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