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Aloe Vera - The Guardian of Your Health (1)

"Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link". This postulate when applied to our health means: we are as healthy as the weakest part of our being. How do we find out what is the "weakest:" link of our body? Before it breaks, prior to any symptom there is no way we can find it out. Our body hosts continuous biochemical reactions in perfect order and dynamic balance. When this balance is disturbed, immunity of the system is lowered and we become ill

"It is better to prevent than to cure" is an old saying, but how to prevent? Aloe Vera, a miraculous plant and a natural pharmacy provide unselfish help to keep our health in check: If it gets deteriorated, to better it; to look good and to feel even better; to defer aging symptoms. Its curing power, in its original form, has been confirmed in nearly all of the ancient cultures. Millions are using it worldwide.

Aloe Vera in Pediatric Medicine

FLP products based on stabilized Aloe Vera Gel are ideal for care and treatment of kids of all ages. It is the most natural and most effective way of treating children with no side effects: stomach cramps, diaper irritations, ear inflammation, congestions, coughs, insect bites, external infections, many types of injuries, burns, eczema, stomach infections, anemia, and so on. And most importantly there are improvements to immunity. With just a few products that any family with children should have in-house major problems could be avoided. (Aloe Bits'n Peaches, Aloe Activator, Aloe First, and Aloe Gelly).

Aloe Vera and Endocrine System

Dr. Deepak Chopra, endocrinologist, says: "Body is a molecular field, mind is the field of ideas. Where thoughts go, molecules follow." That means that body and mind are two inseparable entities that form a human being. Endocrine system reacts to each and every thought differently. Everything that happens in us has a direct impact on biochemical processes of endocrine glands.

Modern life abounds with: unhealthy food; frequent stress; sleeping problems; lots of medicine drugs; pollution getting worse and worse. All of that takes a toll on the benefits that technologic development gives us. Toxins, which add up in our system, accelerate aging processes. How many times did we get a chance to meet Ďan old man' in his thirties and Ďa youngster' in his seventies? There are many testimonials that Aloe Vera detoxifies and balances the whole endocrine system. It is especially efficient in treating the dysfunctions of the thyroids. Scientific studies confirm that Aloe Vera enhances natural disposal of melatonine, the hormone important for the immune system and healthy sleep.

Aloe Vera is successful in treating hormonal dysfunctions and various discomforts during the menopause.

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