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Aloe Vera - The Guardian of Your Health (2)

"Whatever is the father of the illness, its mother is bad nutrition", relates a Chinese saying. We say: "You are what you eat". The modern way of life is a race for money and time, and "fast food" (which has rightfully been called ‘dead food') drastically confirms this ancient wisdom. The right nutrition and a stable immune system are prevention to many illnesses. Aloe vera with its healing and nourishing ingredients can guard our health, or if it has already been damaged, it can help us recover it. Pharmacological action of Aloe vera on malignant illnesses has been known since the ancient times, but just recently science has, with the discovery of Diethilhexilphtalate and emodine in Aloe, discovered the mechanism of its action. However, Aloe still guards many secrets of its effects, even if its beneficial action has been known since the very beginning of our civilization. It is not toxic. It does not produce any negative side effects. In 5000 years there have not been found any serious allergies to it. One can't overdose on it. The dosage varies from one drop to one liter, depending on age and the condition of the person.


With all of the above, the use of Aloe does not in any case exclude a professional medical treatment. Aloe is an extraordinary help to the medical treatment: with an abundance of over 200 bio-active substances, it increases the effectiveness of the treatment and shortens recovery time. Aloe vera acts as a biological active carrier of the healing substance of the pharmaceutical preparative (Robert H. Davis, Ph. D.), and it is a great help in soothing and regulating the side effects of chemo and radio therapy.

What is a Real Aloe Vera, and How Does It Differ from the Rest?

This is a question of many users of Aloe Vera.

In the field of Legal science the real truth is determined on the basis of material proofs and statements of witnesses. If we use the same conditions to determine the truth about the healing effects of Aloe, we will find material proofs about scientific institutions reports, and the witnessing of the FLP product users around the world, on all the 5 continents and in over 100 countries.

The real Aloe vera is only the one which contains pure, correctly stabilized Aloe vera gel in the commercial product bottle, in its natural shape and contents, which in its quality and effectiveness does not differ from the raw gel. During 26 years, such a high quality of Aloe vera products has been supplied by the FLP company. The quality of the products guarantees: the correct natural manner of gel stabilization, the most modern technology of processing, and rigorous control of each phase - from the growing of plants at their own plantations, to stabilization, processing, transportation, and distribution to the final customer. This is why the FLP products cannot be bought in a health food store.

All the FLP products rightfully bear the IASC seal of quality (International Aloe vera Scientific Counsel), as well as kosher and Islamic seal. The difference therefore consists in the quality of the commercial product and its efficacy.

Aloe Vera and Skin Care - Looks and Beauty

Skin is the biggest complex body organ, and with many functions important for survival it deserves attention and suitable care. The skin protects the body from external influences and regulates the temperature. It has secretory, excretory and immunobiological function.

It consists of three basic layers: Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue. Being a protective bodily cover, it is affected by external influences. The consequence is a speeded aging process, in which the skin loses its regenerative ability, and with it, its elasticity and smoothness. Epidermis degenerates and loses its flexibility.

Dermis or the middle layer of skin consists of an elastic web of cells in which there are located arteries and lymph nodes, nerves, sweat glands and lymph glands. Finally, hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue has a role to protect and isolate muscle and bone tissues. In the same time it acts as a source of nutrition for the other two layers. Of all the skin parts, the skin of face and neck is the most exposed to the external influences and the most sensitive; consequently, it needs a special care treatment, which is very different from the care of other parts of skin.

There are four types of skin: dry, normal, oily, and combination skin. Each of these four undergoes aging process, external influences, and malnourishment. This is why we need everyday care and regular treatment to keep the skin clean, hydrated, nourished and at the right pH level, for a healthy and beautiful face.

Aloe vera acts on all three layers of skin. There are seven ways in which Aloe vera acts on health and beauty of the skin:

  1. It supplies all the needs of the tissue; it protects the pH level, cleanses, kills bacteria and fungi, and nourishes.

  2. It has the ability to penetrate deeply, bringing in nourishing substances to the cells of dermis and hypodermis.

  3. It removes dead epidermis cells and produces a natural basis for the production of new tissue; it helps pores to breathe and it conditions.

  4. It nourishes the skin with natural ingredients of the highest importance. From its rich contents it provides the necessary dosages of vitamins, minerals, saccharides, aminoacids, antioxidants, etc.

  5. It stimulates healthy new cells through its complete amino-acidic complex which is found in its natural ingredients. New cells multiply more easily into healthy ones, because the amino-acids are the building material for the formation of new cells.

  6. It increases the natural moisture which is found in the healthy young developing skin. Aloe provides balanced moisture without congesting the pores. Finally, correctly stabilized Aloe vera products don't have any negative side effects.

I emphasize the correct stabilization, since if this is not the case the results could be contamination and toxicity.

It is important to state that there is no cosmetical preparation, not even Aloe vera, which will act overnight.

This means that a permanent everyday care gives the best results. If together with this we supply nourishment from the inside by taking in the Aloe vera juice, we should be ready for a frequent question: " What happened to you, you look so beautiful!"

Since the ancient times the efficacy of Aloe vera in skincare, hair care, and treatment of all the forms of dermatitis is known, regardless of the cause of disease. It also protects the healthy skin and hair. In the last few decades Aloe vera has become an "eldorado" for the cosmetic companies around the world, because of its very powerful antioxidant, regenerative and hydrating effects. In the market there is a range from the best to the worst skincare products based on Aloe. Those last ones, unfortunately, prevail. In the USA this is called a "great concealment", because the so-called magical effects, instead of healing and care of skin and hair, temporarily just conceal the problems, which later reappear in a more drastic manner.

The Quality of Finished Product Depends on the Quality of Ingredients

Only the pure Aloe vera gel in its complete natural state and compound can give good results when mixed into cosmetic preparation. If during processing the natural balance of bioactive phytotypes in Aloe vera gel is destroyed, this will undoubtedly have consequences on the effectiveness of the product.

Very often the internal health problems manifest on the skin or in hair. In this case we recommend the simultaneous use of Aloe vera juice with an intensive treatment with products for the external use. We have to know that it is a question of natural products, and that beautiful hair and skin are not attained overnight. With the help of FLP products we can achieve top results, if we use them in an already tested way during a longer period of time.

FLP has a complete assortment of products for care of face, body, and hair, as well as makeup for all four types of skin. Professional cosmeticians as well as consumers claim that FLP Aloe-based preparatives are of the highest quality, and with them one can achieve maximum effects to keep skin looking young and healthy, and to regenerate and rejuvenate in the case of older skin.

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