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Information About Aloe Vera - Page 5

Frequently Asked Questions about Aloe Vera

The Most Frequent Questions The Consumers Have

Here are the answers to some of the typical questions asked by our customers:

  1. In which cases can Aloe Vera help?

  2. When can one feel the first signs of improvement?

  3. How much and for how long to drink Aloe?

  4. How do we know that our body needs cleansing?

  5. Can Aloe Vera help with impotence?

1. In which cases can Aloe Vera help?

The doctors around the world who have personal experiences of use of Aloe in their medical practice say:

"There is no condition or illness of the organism in which we cannot apply Aloe vera."

Therapeutic and preventative action of Aloe on the human organism is unquestionable and from the beginning of our race to today confirmed countless times. It cannot harm in any case.

FLP Aloe removes the causes and not only the symptoms of illness. This is completely understandable given the content of bioactive substances that Aloe has. It is an excellent addition to the prescribed medical treatment. It increases absorption and action of the medications while at the same time it lessens negative effects of the pharmaceutical preparations and treatments. This is very pronounced in chemo and radiotherapy.

Many scientific studies and experiences of the users around the whole world prove that Aloe vera acts positively on all the biochemical processes in the body.

Together with removing the main problems, it removes all the others.

In most cases, while taking Aloe for one illness, after some time we simply notice the disappearance of some other trouble. There are numerous examples in the experiences of users. Here are only a few:

If it is used for any reason, Aloe vera simultaneously increases immunity, decreases fatigue and increases energy.

As a protection, it prevents the creation of anomalies in biochemical processes of organs and tissue, and also the creation of illness. It is not contraindicatory to pharmaceutical preparatives. It is not toxic. It does not have negative side effects. It does not create dependence.

Aloe vera cannot help only to someone who does not use it.

In addition to all of this, Aloe vera is an excellent preparation for cleansing and detoxifying of organism.

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2. When can one feel the first signs of improvement?

In frequency, this could have been question number 1. Aloe vera in its contents is a mixture of many different bioactive chemicals which are present in small doses. It acts on the causes of dysfunctions. It acts much slower than pharmaceutical preparatives, which have in their content one to two active substances. Their reaction is much faster, because they act on symptoms.

The first signs of improvement are mostly felt within 3 to 30 days. This is very individual.

It depends on the state and time period of the illness, on the frequency of use and the quantity of use of Aloe, on the age and body weight, on the secondary illnesses. The fastest improvement is felt in stomach troubles, and skin diseases, and later with the autoimmune illnesses, chronic rheumatic illnesses, depressions..

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3. How much and for how long to drink Aloe?

Aloe can't be overdosed.

There is the lower limit for an adult from 50-100 milliliters daily (2-3 oz.) when used as prevention and to maintain good health. Babies take 1 drop a day, while persons with metastasis drink about a liter a day. Personal experiences of users worldwide show that in malignant cases the dosage is 150-200 milliliters (5-8 oz.).During 120 days (the time needed for the blood to recreate itself) with this quantity one can achieve great results. When that is achieved, the quantities can be reduced, to maintain oneself in top condition.

Aloe is drunk 3 times a day, at least half an hour before meals. It is drunk from glass or plastic bowl. The bottle, when opened, is kept in the fridge. Simultaneously, one needs to drink 2 liters of water. In harder cases it is taken every hour in smaller doses, together with the prescribed medical treatment.

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4. How do we know that our body needs cleansing?

Cleansing of the organism has become an everyday theme in many magazines, TV and radio commercials, so the great interest of Aloe users is not surprising. All the monotheistic religions have always been in favor of a periodical fast to cleanse the soul and the body.

Dr. Elson M. Haas M.D., the founder of the Centre for Preventative Medicine, author of many popular books on health, says that in the last 27 years of his medical practice he has come to believe that internal cleansing and detoxification is the missing link in the Western medicine.

Many proponents of the periodical cleansing claim that every disease, especially the chronic ones, starts as a consequence of irregular emptying of the intestines.

Our life energy comes from food. The processing of food has the useful but also the toxic materials which come as a consequence; these toxins and dirty water are regularly eliminated in an organism which functions normally.

In the case of inadequate digestion, remnants of food and irregular elimination, in the waste products there start biochemical processes of creation of toxins and the beginning of AUTOINTOXICATION of the organs. This leads to their dysfunctions, breaking of vital processes and the start of illness.

Dr. Lynn Hardy, speaking about the importance of cleansing for good health, says: "Processed, dead food, enormous use of medications and supplements, and maltreating the body with the use of stimulants and sedatives, bring about poor digestion, constipation, internal intoxication, increased body weight, lower energy..." Those symptoms lead to long-term health problems and serious diseases.

Carol Simontacchi in the book The Crazy Makers says:" our health has become a victim of somebody's profit", so it is not surprising that of American population suffers from at least one illness, and over 60 millions from two or more.

It is known that Aloe vera cleanses the whole digestive tract from the waste products and performs detoxification of the whole biological system, providing balance, raising immunity and energetic level.

Modern nutritionists think that it is necessary to start cleansing if one or more of the following symptoms occur: constipation that becomes chronic, frequent digestive irregularities, bad breath, frequent infections and flu, viruses, headaches, pains which seem to shift, insomnia, fatigue and loss of vitality without an apparent cause, skin problems - itch, acne... All of these symptoms point to autointoxication and the need for cleansing.

Aloe vera, thanks to the natural saponins and an abundance of substances, which it contains, is an amazing help in cleansing and detoxifying the organism in a most natural way.

There is a 9-day program of cleansing and detoxification with Aloe vera and the use of Forever Bee Pollen and Forever Garcinia Plus.

Dr. Rajendra Sharma-M.D. and a homeopath, says that Aloe vera speeds up metabolism of alcohol and rehydrates, which means that it is a good medicine for hangover. In addition to this, it is known that Aloe vera significantly eases and shortens the periods of crisis in avoidance and abstinence from alcohol, drugs, tobacco...

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5. Can Aloe Vera help with impotence?

Recent studies of the intimate life of couples in the American continent have caused amazement in researchers. Over 40% of couples in the period of mature sexuality suffer from the lack of sex because of impotence of the males. As this is the most intimate and vulnerable side of every man, it is considered that the percent of those affected is much higher. Orderly sex is considered a healthy and natural need of human being. Medical experts in this field claim that the impotence in 99.9% of cases is functional.

Aloe vera with its miraculous and still unexplained effectiveness brings to a normal state all the biochemical reactions in the body, as well as the functions of organs and system. It provides dynamic equilibrium of all the psychophysical functions and the endocrine system of the whole organism. This means that it removes the causes of impotence. Finally this is affirmed by experiences of users worldwide. Our experiences of the effects of Aloe vera and FLP program in this area are extraordinary. As a reply to successful removal of impotence the letters of thanks are usually very short and they say:" Thank you for saving our marriage.", "Countless thanks for the joy of love." "After 7 years I am pregnant." "Thanks for your genuine help."

And once again, nature has given us and FLP enabled us, to use the miraculous Aloe vera, no matter in what area we live. It is not news that Aloe vera is healing; it is news that it is so healing that it can save your life.

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Copyright (c) Milena Stojkovic