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Losing Weight


Losing Weight and Improvig Health

If health is the greatest wealth, who should care about preserving this wealth? Health Care, doctors, pharmaceutical industry? In any case it is none of them. All of them primarily care about illnesses. For Health Care and doctor a man is a statistic number or an object of professional interest, only while he is sick, while he is only a source of income for pharmacological industry. Care for personal health is definitely a thing for each individual. Everybody is responsible for their own way of life, their diet, and somewhat for the choice of their life environment, all of which are deciding factors in one's health.

In daily life this responsibility is often overlooked according to the principle of holding somebody else responsible for one's health, which is proved by the fact that over 50% of visits to the doctors are actually unjustified. Merciless statistical facts say that 28% of persons hospitalized yearly, come to the hospital as a consequence of using prescription medications, and latrogenic death in the US kills 1 million of people yearly (USA Today). In addition the main premise (of health care givers) is that any disturbance or illness needs to and can be treated only by medications. Pharmacological industry, with its aggressive advertising of new medications and the message that your whole life will be wonderful, if only you "ask your doctor" for that particular pill, makes us conclude that it doesn't want anything else but that every human being on the planet uses the largest quantity of pills possible. USA uses the largest number of pills per person, 10 times as much as an average European, and yet US are still the sickest of nations.


Greater and greater number of researchers, not only naturopaths, believe that 90% of all disturbances and illnesses begin in digestive tract primarily because of poor digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutritive materials. Overabundant processed and unhealthy food takes its toll. It is well known how much obesity puts one's health at risk and causes many illnesses, as is known about the harmfulness of many diets and so-called diet drinks and synthetic sweeteners, which are a direct attack upon metabolism. Otherwise how else to explain obesity with so much use of anti-obesity preparatives? Simply - with unhealthy and overabundant food. Obesity in America reaches levels that threaten national security (MSNBC - July 5, 2005). Modern American soldier is on average 45 pounds heavier than a soldier in the period of Civil War. Thousands of soldiers daily fight their own weight, which in the same time means fight to survive in the Army service. Around 20% of men and 40% of women do not get to wear uniform because of their obesity. The list of a population threatened by obesity does not end here, but it encompasses all ages and reaches a level of 60% of the total American population


The Americans who are literally obsessed with different slimming diets are still the most obese ation in the world. In her book “French Women Don’t Get Fat “ (New York Times bestseller) Madame Mireille Guliano speaks with pride about thinness of a French woman who is not obsessed with diets, does not deprive herself of any types of food, desert or red wine, but she is still not obese; even though she does not count calories she does not exercise daily, she does not carry bottled water from which she drinks every 5 minutes, she does not drink coffee from a 32 oz plastic cup, etc. The whole wisdom consists in essence in a way of life and three daily meals, of freshly prepared tasty and varied foods which are beautifully served. Freshly prepared foods do not have: preservatives, additives, artificial colorings, stabilizers, artificial sweeteners etc. Red wine is made from grapes and not from aspartame, artificial color, aroma and water (like diet drinks). A soup made from fresh leeks is a real elixir, healthier than any soup by Lipton, Campbell, Western Family etc.


The fact that obesity is unhealthy condition of the body is not a secret to anybody any more. Obesity leads to functional overloading of all the organs and parts of the body. It leads to increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, risk of cardiovascular diseases, illnesses of the liver, an overload of joints and spinal column, etc. The only true way to prevent and avoid obesity and all the consequences of it is above all a disciplined moderation with one's diet, which is in the hands of each individual. Very important is variety and kinds of food as well as the way of its preparation. In this general fight against obesity FLP company is taking part as well with its unique program

CLEAN & LEAN for detoxifying and losing weight

This program is unique in many things and different than any other slimming program. During execution of this program the body is provided with all the necessary nutritive constituents for its normal function.
Those who only wish to improve their general condition usually only carry out the first phase of cleansing and detoxifying the body with the simultaneous regulation of digestive flora. For those who went overboard and really made a decision to rid themselves of the burden of extra pounds, they need to carry out the whole program of 30 days.

First phase, 9 days long, consists in cleansing and detoxification of the body, enabling it for normal digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutritive material. First two days it is cleansing, and then day 3-9 detoxification of the tela is carried out.

The second phase which lasts 21 days, consists in slimming down. In this phase one frees oneself of extra pounds, while in the same time changing habits related to diet, and establishing balance in everyday life. Everything is accomplished according to a strictly determined schema prescribed by the producer, which one needs to adhere to.
FLP products included in the slimming program are produced on the basis of natural material and each one of those products has a specific and non-interchangeable role in the whole process of losing weight.

Aloe Vera Gel – together with its general positive action upon the organism, it perfectly cleanses the digestive tract and liver and frees organism of piled up toxins.

Garcinia Plus - is an FLP product made on the basis of the plant Garcinia Cambodia. Substance contained in this noble plant which is called HCA( Hidroxicitric acid) acts inhibitively upon enzymes that create fatty tissue, and thus it leads to burning off existing fatty tissue, which in turn leads to losing weight. In addition it creates a so called safety reflex by inhibiting appetite.

Forever Bee Pollen - the most complete kind of natural food in its richness of useful substances and the most known bee product. In addition to the large number of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, vegetable fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins, it also contains 22 amino acids including all the 8 essential ones. It has multiple action upon many functions in the body.

Forever Active Probiotic - probiotic - according to the definition FAO consists of live micro-organisms which in adequate quantities lead to better health of the person who takes it. In Forever Active Probiotic there are 6 kinds of different useful bacteria which re-establish disturbed balance of the digestive flora micro-organisms. With the use of this product together with Aloe Vera Gel as a "pre-biotic" one gets excellent results since Aloe creates ideal environment for the action of probiotic.

Forever Lite - diet drink in three different flavors, which is used with skim milk or fruit juices. It contains all the necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutritive substances. It is used as a meal replacement.

With Forever CLEAN & LEAN program one can achieve amazing results. Users of this program lose between 11 - 33 pounds and go down 2-4 sizes. It all depends on discipline and carrying out of the prescribed regime, physical exercises and use of sufficient quantities of water, or even better in combination with Aloe Blossom Tea.

Care of body and face is also necessary while carrying on with this treatment. FLP has a series of extraordinary products for skin care starting with Aloe liquid Soap, shower gel Aloe Bath Gelee, Aloe Lotion and a hydrating lotion -Aloe Moisturizing Lotion , face cream – Recovering Night Cream, R3 Factor, and Forever Marine Mask which will maintain facial skin healthy, smooth and tight. Aloe Body Toning Kit is another FLP set serving beauty and good appearance, used to reduce waist size, where there is usually the largest accumulation of fatty tissue. With the correct use of the products in this set, which perform "external melting of cellulite", one achieves very enviable results in body measurements and its appearance.

Body Toner is a deep heating cream based on Aloe vera and other plant extracts. It contains two natural heating agents: cinamon oil and pepper seed oil. It stimulates blood circulation, cleanses skin, frees occluded fluids and celulite from under the skin.

Aloe Body Conditioning Creme is a thick emulsion cream rich in plant extracts, which ideally conditiones skin, making it soft supple and toned.

Aloe Bath Gelee is a bath gel rich in Aloe vera. It removes dead skin cells, moisturizes the skin, regulates its pH and makes it clean and healthy.

Results: it is proven that they can be extraordinary, if one is determined to keep control over one's body weight and respects the schema that the producer recommends. Thus everything is at your disposal, except the decision about one's appearance which is solely a right of every individual. For any questions and details regarding carrying out this program, contact me ph# 1-604-983-2107 or E mail me milena@aloemiracle.ca

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