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Milena Stojkovic



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My Story, or How I got into Aloe Vera - God's Plan

In the fall of 1994 my husband and I, a retired chemical engineer, immigrated to Canada. We arrived to a new environment, different culture, unfamiliar customs, foreign language, and all that in our retirement. New tasks everywhere: English language school, driver's exam, computer courses, etc. New grandchildren being born and baka (grandma) service only gets bigger. As the time goes by we are becoming more independent. Years go by like on a film.

However, things take a turn for the worse when my husband become ill with MS. Then, another serious illness in our family, this time it is someone younger. Checkups, doctors, hospitals, surgeries, uncertainty, acute stress lasting year and a half. Finally, thanks be to God, it ended well.

When everything ended I simply crashed. Unbearable pain with no help from any painkiller, insomnia, exhaustion, depression, complete incapacity and a wanting to die and X-rays showing degenerative changes in my spine. I had a strong feeling that my mission on this world was over. As everything must come to an end, I even phoned the First Memorial Funeral Service and set up an appointment to go and fill out the forms.

But, that wasn't God's Plan!

That same day my dear friend from Calgary phoned. When she asked how I was, I told her that I had completed my mission. She then told me: "Don't ever say something like that again. You don't know God's plan. You don't know how many people are still waiting for your help." These words went through my head like a hurricane. That evening my daughter's best friend called. Trying to avoid any conversation about me, I kept asking her about what she was doing. At some point she mentioned that she vas drinking Aloe Vera. I became worried: "How come you are drinking Aloe? Who made it for you?" To my relief, she answered: "Only for prevention. You can buy it already prepared. One young guy from our country is selling it." She than told me about her father, who has diabetes, and how Aloe Vera saved his leg from amputation.

The next day she came for a visit along with a young man named Dejan Varajic, who became and still is my mentor. They brought me my first bottle of FLP Forever Freedom, and red Heath Lotion. After four days, when I started to feel the first signs of change for the better, I finally understood the meaning of God's plan for me.

I started drinking 50 milliliters of Aloe three times a day (four bottles a month). As the days went by, I started to feel better and better. After 18 days I cancelled the already scheduled surgery for removing a small but painful tumor from my hand. The tumor simply disappeared. After that I cancelled my appointment with the funeral home as well. Little by little, my pain, exhaustion, depression, muscle spasms in my legs, aching veins and other lesser problems, which had been accumulating for years, melted away.

After two months I was feeling much better and after four months I felt completely healthy and fit for work. At that point I reduced the dosage of Aloe to 50-60 milliliters per day and I have kept taking it without interruptions to this day. I would double the dose in days of increased strain, for example, during the flu season. In the meantime, I started testing other FLP products, which together with Aloe Vera made a huge impact on my quality of life.

Since that time and to this day, I've had no health problems, not even a common cold. My husband, who also takes Aloe Vera regularly, experienced a significant reduction in some of his MS symptoms. In short, that was the first part of the God's plan and a new beginning in my life.

From the moment I realized that the God's plan is being carried out, I became dedicated to studying Aloe Vera (the same way I used to do in university), preparing for the second part of the God's plan. I started by sharing my experience with the members of my family and with my friends. Many of them started using Aloe Vera to successfully treat their health problems. Then, Dejan signed me up into the world's family of FLP distributors and became my mentor.

After studying toxicology for years as a chemical engineer, I knew very well the destructive effects that chemicals have on the human body. I was also always interested in traditional herbal medicines and I collected a lot of information about it over the years. What I didn't know, which I must admit was a bit embarrassing for a chemical engineer, was that there is a company that has been producing pure and natural Aloe Vera for many years. FLP produces Aloe Vera in its most pure natural state and composition, allowing it to maintain its miraculous healing powers, which only God and nature could have created. Ii also became clear to me that Aloe Vera is not only good for treating cancer, for which I used to make an "Aloe cactus potion", but it is beneficial to all biochemical processes in the human organism.

It is amazing to learn how a conglomeration of various bioactive fito-compounds in Aloe Vera act in a well orchestrated synergetic manner to bring all biochemical processes in our body into a natural state of balance. No human mind or chemical laboratory can ever make a synthetic copy of Aloe Vera gel. Although medical science has began to discover the mechanisms by which Aloe Vera acts on the human body, it still holds a lot of secrets. I now understand those who compare the mystery of Aloe Vera with the mystery of Creation.

Why is this Website Called AloeMiracle?

A lady from West Vancouver in her fifties, fighting a lot of symptoms of menopause (insomnia, hot flashes, headaches, chronic fatigue and hair loss) was unsuccessfully searching for a way out of her predicament. A hair loss clinic asked her for $4,600 for a special treatment, but without any guarantees. When she asked me what I would do if I was her, I told her I would try Aloe Vera. Being desperate, she took my advice and the next day she came to pick up Aloe Vera gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Aloe First and Aloe Gelly. Only two weeks later, she came back into our house smiling from ear to ear and looking totally rejuvenated. First thing she said was: "Miracle, miracle, miracle." She used the word miracle in almost every sentence. After she left, a friend of mine who was also present, but who didn't speak any English, asked me: "I could hardly wait till she was gone to ask you what in the world does miracle mean? " So, the lady from West Vancouver unintentionally came up with the name for my website. She continued to use Aloe Vera gel and soon widened her interest to include other FLP products. Eventually, she also became a successful FLP distributor. This is only one of many examples from my experience as an independent FLP distributor.

All this happened in my late sixties and early seventies. I can say with full confidence that Aloe Vera changed my life in every way. It gave me back my health and provided me with financial means for a decent life. It gave me back the ability to do everyday housework without becoming fatigued. I still work part time as a sales clerk on top of working as a FLP distributor, helping others to improve both their health and their income.

Aloe Vera restored my joy of living, returned me to my husband, who needs me the most, and my grandchildren got back their grandmother who can again drive them to school and other activities and who cooks soups and makes cakes that are "the best in the world".

This is how Aloe Vera, the miraculous God's plant, made an incredible change in my life.

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Copyright (c) Milena Stojkovic