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Milena Stojkovic



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Testimonials - Psoriasis

From the many cases of successful healing of psoriasis with FLP Aloe Vera products, I have chosen a few.

Psoriasis 1

Email July 15, 2004

I have found your WebPages on the internet. I am familiar with the healing properties of Aloe. I had ovarian cysts. I drank Aloe and the cysts have disappeared. At the moment I have problems with my 12 year old son. Few months ago he has been diagnosed with psoriasis. He has it all over his body, even though nobody in the family has psoriasis.
Which products do I need to use?

Email August 11, 2004

Dear Milena, I just wanted to let you know. There is improvement with my sonís psoriasis. It has started to disappear on the body, and it has disappeared in his hair. We are all much calmer and are hoping for a complete healing.

Email September 4, 2004

Dear Milena, my son has fantastic results with his healing. It has disappeared completely from his head, and there is just a few on his stomach, but they are disappearing as well. I will never again be without Aloe products. Our friends are surprised. Some of them have even started to use Aloe.
Thank you once again.

Email September 13, 2004

My son is doing great. Everything has disappeared and he feels fantastic. I still have FLP Aloe Vera products just in case - God forbid - if it reappears. I still cannot believe that everything has disappeared. I am thankful to God in heavens that everything has turned out well. I am also thankful to you since you have given me the solution. You have helped me and we donít even know each other. Thatís the proof that it doesnít matter who or where we are, it matters that we help one another.
Thank you.

E mail October 27, 2004

Dear Milena, my son has completely cleared his psoriasis. In the second half of September the last signs of psoriasis have disappeared. There is nothing left. There is not even a sign of psoriasis. I can hardly believe.
Happiest of all mothers
PS: I will never go without Aloe in my home...

Psoriasis 2

My name is Slavuj and I just had my 48th birthday yesterday. Since I was 21, in other words for 27 years, I have been fighting psoriasis. In the beginning it was over elbows and knees, then on the knuckles and over the whole body, until it finally spread to my head and face. For all these years, in addition to the formal medical treatment, which didnít give encouraging results, I have tried alternative medicine, but without much success.

When Mrs. Milena offered me to try Aloe, I flatly refused. After 4 months we met accidentally. This time I decided to try Aloe, since in the meantime I have heard from many sources that it can help. After 9 months of using Aloe (FLP Aloe Vera Gel and other related FLP products), my psoriasis condition is the best in the last 27 years. Apart from few small spots on the legs, there is not even a sign of psoriasis. I hope that those will disappear soon too. Not only that, but my entire health condition is incomparably better with regards to the period before Aloe. Thanks to Mrs. Milena. Thanks to God that we have met again.

Copyright (c) Milena Stojkovic