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Milena Stojkovic



FLP Distributor ID: 200001182892


Testimonials - Fibromyalgia

Let me introduce myself to all of you as "Anna", since many would recognize me. In the second half of my fifties, at the peak of my career, I started having troubles with the first signs of menopause and pains all over my body. Everything was aching - my arms, my legs, my head. Even the chair I was sitting on was aching! Finally a diagnosis - menopause with Fibromyalgia. The doctors gave me all kinds of medications. I would drink half and throw the other half out. When they suggested hormonal therapy, I refused, and went to search for alternative therapies. Searching on the net, I came upon Milena’s website on Aloe. I started reading and realized that this was a lady advanced in years, she could be my mother. I thought - she must have had gone through all of this too. Momentarily I started to "cry on her shoulder" - I sent her an email full of my health problems.

In ten days I started drinking Aloe together with some other FLP products. On the fifth day I noticed something was changing but I wasn’t sure what. After two to three weeks I was sure that I was feeling better, that the pains were decreasing, that my sleep was better, that the hot flashes were less and less frequent, that I no longer sweat, that I am not that depressive any more... Then I started taking 200 ml daily instead of 150, repeating it several times a day (6 bottles per month). After two months there was no doubt that my problems were disappearing. In addition to that, I was freed from constipation and hemorrhoids. I have become again a healthy and normal person, but I have continued with Aloe. It has been 6 months since I started drinking Aloe, and I have no need for any medication. Thanks to dear God and Milena.

Copyright (c) Milena Stojkovic